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    Biagio BAMBOO SILK BOWTIE Solid OFF-WHITE Color Men's Bow Tie for Tuxedo or Suit

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    Biagio BAMBOO SILK BOWTIE Solid OFF-WHITE Color Men's Bow Tie for Tuxedo or Suit
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    This is a Classic Style Brand New BIAGIO Collection Brand Men's Solid BAMBOO SILK Solid OFF-WHITE BowTie

    This listing is for a New BIAGIO Collection Brand Solid OFF-WHITE pre-tied band style with a clip Bamboo SILK Men's Bow Tie for a great accessory to a tuxedo or a suit. The material for this item is 70% Bamboo and 30% Silk.

    This item is made of natural bamboo fiber and greatly differs from the viscose bamboo (man made rayon fiber) that is sold by other manufacturers. As with any natural made fabric, its look and feel is different from the man made fibers, cotton and even 100% silk.  The surface of the bamboo fabric truly reflects the plant that it came from, giving it a distinctive feel that no other natural fabric has. The very tiny fibers that are visible at close look assures the buyer of the natural provenance and manufacturing of this garment.  SGS is one of the top European companies that certifies the content of fabrics and it certified the fabric in our product as 70% bamboo/30% silk. Its an experience just to touch and feel this fabric.

    In a very complex manufacturing process, the garment blends the bamboo with silk (70% natural bamboo fiber & 30% high end silk) in order to give it the handling of a regular silk vest/tie. No other fabric can truly duplicate this look. It will surely be a great conversational piece at any gathering thus giving the wearer a unique distinction.

    The largest neck size for this bow tie is 19 inches.

    The BAMBOO SILK bowtie is 2 1/2 inches wide at the edges.

    We have more variety of BowTies.  Check out our other Bamboo Silk Bow Ties.

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