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    Wooden Belt with EAGLE Head Beak Closed Picture Design on Wooden Buckle

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    Wooden Belt with EAGLE Head Beak Closed Picture Design on Wooden Buckle
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    This is a Beautiful 100% wooden belt with a wooden buckle that has a picture of a Eagle Head with the beak closed on it. This is a great belt that will enhance any shirt or pants.

    The wooden belt is constructed with a wooden belt buckle, special structurally designed wooden clasp (not metal one) and many pieces of wooden slats that are connected with monofilament. For example a 42" (107 cm) belt is constructed with 133 wooden slats which is approximately 1/4" (.63 cm). The Dupont high graded monofilament runs through the entire belt to ensure flexibility and durability. There is nylon cord (mono filament) wound through the wooden slats that gives its flexibility which will allow the wooden belt to bend without breaking.

    All of the wooden belts can be worn by males and females. We truly have a unisex product.

    Our wooden belts are constructed to put the over lap in the inside of the belt. This gives you the advantage to be able to wear the belt from as need for your waist.

    The belts are very comfortable to wear. With the many wooden slats the belt bends easily. You can bend your body with the wooden belt and not even notice you are wearing a belt. In fact, people go skiing and bowling while wearing their wooden belts feeling very comfortable.

    The belt uses highest quality hardwoods which are available in South East Asia, such as Pterocarpus Pedatus Pierre and Cassia Siamea Lamk. The wooden belts are made in Vietnam using trees from areas that are reforested after harvesting which makes it an eco-friendly product.

    To take care of your belt, give it a little wax every couple of months. Some old English polish or scratch remover is very effective. These wooden belts have been manufactured since 1997 and some of customers still wear it with very few problems.

    The belt comes with an elegant box to keep your belt safe.

    The width of the belt is 32mm (approximately 1.25 inches).

    The length of the belt can be used for waist sizes from 30 to 42 inches.

    Check out our other collection of wooden belts for more variety in our other listings.

    Home  > Belts - Wooden  > Product Information
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